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Methadone to Abstinence

Methadone works, but do I have to stay on it forever?

West Midtown Medical Group has a program for those individuals stable in treatment and who wish to taper off methadone.

Although research has shown that it is difficult for the majority of individuals to achieve an opiate free life while not on some type of addiction medication (like methadone or buprenorphine) we have found that some individuals can successfully taper off their medication.

West Midtown’s numerous supportive services help ease this transition and ensure a safety net for those individuals who are appropriate for this program. Within a medically monitored program, West Midtown offers individuals supportive therapy to achieve a medication free life-style.

Once stabilized on methadone and not using opiates or any other illicit drugs, the taper begins.

We individualize your treatment plan within our multidisciplinary team approach and work with you and your family.

Please call Admissions at (212)736-5900 EXT. 106 to set up an appointment.

Methadone to Abstinence

“I started on methadone, relapsed, and had problems with my home life which pushed me into recovery. Even though I was on methadone and it was working-I wanted off of it. I came down slowly on my dose with the medical department’s help and now I am medication free and still in recovery. I was lucky- it doesn’t work that way for most addicts. Most people need medicine to stay off heroin.”

– WMMG patient