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Allegra Schorr

allegra-schorrAllegra Schorr is an owner and officer of West Midtown Medical Group with over twenty-five years of business and administrative experience in the substance abuse field.

Allegra is the current President of COMPA (Committee of Methadone Program Administrators of New York State), an advocacy organization dedicated to treating addiction through the use of pharmacotherapy as a part of a comprehensive bio-psycho-social approach to treatment. COMPA programs treat more than 40,000 New Yorkers from every corner of New York and help them to overcome their dependence on illicit opiates and other drugs. Allegra is a Board Member of AATOD (American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependents). Allegra serves as Co-Chair of the New York City Issues Committee for ASAP (Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York) and is a member of ASAP’s Women and Family Issues Committee.

Allegra was a member of the New York State OASAS MTAG (Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Methadone Transformation Advisory Group) actively involved in the Integrating Buprenorphine and Medical Maintenance workgroup. Through her participation in the Integrating Buprenorphine work group, WMMG became the first program in New York State to dispense Suboxone in an opiate treatment program setting.

Allegra is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College.

Corporate Address:
505 Eighth Avenue
New York, New York 10018